How to Use Nespresso Machine – Instructions

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Using the Nespresso machine may seem simple for everyday coffee drinker. For many people, it’s just a button push after sticking the pod. But there are various ways to use Nespresso machine like a boss and get the best Nespresso. If you don’t know how to use Nespresso machine, then read this brief guide about Nespresso machine.

Specialty Coffee Pods

Nespresso offers a vast range of compatible capsules. It means you have a huge collection of best Nespresso capsules to choose from. These pods are available both in expensive and cheap forms. The Nespresso pods offer a variety of flavors. So if you get bored with one taste, switch to another one.

Neglect the Nespresso Factory Presets

In terms of water dispensed amount, the Nespresso machine is a factory set. Usually, the factory setting is 25 ml for Ristretto, 110 ml for Lungo and 40 ml for Espresso.
Such type of preset setting is not definitely for all types of capsules. These are also two other ways.

  • Alternating with Scales

Get a coffee scales set and zero the scales with your mug in place. Weigh like you are holding the finger on the button for your pod and stop when you reach the stated volume that will reset the program (Lungo/Espresso).
For factory settings, turn off the machine, press and hold the Lungo button for about 4 seconds until the machine lights begin flashing.

  • Alternating by Color

In order to see the flowing coffee color clearly, make sure your room is properly lit. You can use mobile phone torch or the lamp for this purpose. Start the coffee flow and then stop as the color of the coffee changes. You do such by pressing and holding the machine program buttons which will help to reset them to a new volume or press to begin and press to end.
When the color changes in the flow to red/brown, it’s a Ristretto color.
The color will then change into light brown caramel one which the Espresso color. The blonde/bright yellow color means that the coffee extraction is finished and you are flushing only water with a little amount of coffee residue through the Nespresso pod.

If you are using the Ristretto pod, stop the coffee flow as the color changes from dark brown/red to light caramel color.
Stop the flow for Espresso when its color changes to the blonde color from the Espresso caramel color.

Remember that it is tough task to perform with the Nespresso machines than the Espresso machine because the Nespresso flow is really fast and you have to watch carefully the color change.

Prime the Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machines can heat up very quickly. There are some machines that can heat up even in 3 seconds but the normal heat up time is 2 seconds. Carefully read the manual available with your Nespresso machine to avoid any damages.

Always Use Bottled or Filtered Water

This is one of the best pieces of advice given by coffee experts which important for the machine health, for your health and for the coffee taste. Don’t forget that about 90% of the coffee is water. So it means that the quality of the coffee is closely related to the water quality. Use bottled and filtered water to make a perfect Nespresso at home.

Deep Clean

Rinsing is one of the best ways to keep things clean. You can use cleaning capsule to deep clean your Nespresso machine.


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