Health Benefits and Side Effects of Coffee 2019

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The divine taste of coffee is essential to kick off the day. But wait, is it only a mere morning drink or does coffee have any health benefits for you? From over a hundred years, coffee has been a part of human life in different forms. We don’t know but maybe the best drink had been used by the ancient cave men as a medicine to cure various health problems.
Do you know you are getting antioxidants when you drink a cup of coffee along with important minerals and nutrients? A modern health research has explored countless health benefits of coffee. Thanks to best Nespresso machines that can help quickly to produce a perfect cup of coffee. There are some side effects too. Here are some of the most important health benefits and side effects of coffee.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Decades back, the coffee was used by men for taste and energy. The health benefits are discovered by modern health researches. Caffeine is the prime coffee agent. It quickly enters into the bloodstream after hitting the stomach. It promotes the feelings of high energy by blocking the neurotransmitter known as the “adenosine”.

Does Coffee work for Weight loss?

Caffeine is one of the very few natural compounds that help in weight loss. It boosts the metabolic rate by 11%. Not only this, but it also targets body fat. Coffee can help fat people to burn about 10% more fat and thin people can burn about 28% more fat.

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Coffee is Excellent for Depression

Health experts have found that 15% people suffer from depression. According to them, it is the lifestyle that makes us miserable. A cup of coffee in routine can reduce the risk of depression by 8%. Here are two facts:

  • Stimulate- they help you make feel better
  • Antioxidants- promotes the feeling of goodness

Coffee contains high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Chlorogenic acid, Quinolinic acid, nicotinic acid, tannic acid, pyrogallic acid, and trigonelline are present in each cup of coffee. These powerful compounds work as a team to soothe your body.

Minerals and Vitamins

A coffee cup contains 11% of B12, 2% of magnesium and niacin, 6% of B5 and 3% of potassium and manganese.
Other health benefits of coffee include protection from dementia, developing type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson and also protect your liver.

Side Effects of Coffee

Causes Stomach problems

Being an acidic drink, it can upset your stomach and may lead to other problems such as ulcers. Adding food to the coffee break can help to soothe the stomach. In case of serious issues, consult your physician.

Teeth Stains

Drinking coffee for a long time can cause teeth stain. Whitening treatment can be useful against such stains.

Coffee keeps you awake

An average person can easily tolerate 400 mgs of caffeine per day. The amount is equal to about four cups of coffee. So the large amount of coffee can make you anxious and lead to sleeplessness. If you are sensitive to large amount of caffeine, better to switch to lower amount.

Can boost LDL cholesterol level

The two substances found in coffee (Cafestol and Kansweol) can affect the LDL levels. But the filtered brewed coffee contains fewer amounts of two substances.


The benefits and side effects are everywhere. Taking a good care of your health is the most important part of everyone’s life. If you are coffee lover, take a look at the health benefits and side effects of coffee. If you are already suffering from any health issue like cardiac problem or high blood pressure, it is better to consult your physician before start drinking coffee.


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