How to make Perfect Nespresso- 3 Quick Ways

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It’s really hard to visit Coffee shop every time for a perfect Nespresso cup. That’s why best Nespresso machines are the quickest ways to have a classic taste of coffee at home. Most of the times people spend money of expensive Nespresso machines but they don’t how to use them properly. Blaming your machine is not the solution, you must know how to use Nespresso machine to make a premium coffee taste for yourself. Stay with us because we are going to share the 3 quick ways for how to make perfect Nespresso.

After purchasing a Nespresso machine, there are many ways to make a perfect Nespresso without spending extra money. Well it depends entirely on how you use Nespresso machine. We are not asking to reveal you secretes. Here are three tips to get most of the machine with every use.

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3 Quick Ways to make perfect Nespresso

  •  Warm up the Machine

Though the first tip is simple but it is surprisingly effective. Before popping a pod in the machine, make sure you run the machine few times with a lid down to eliminate any residual grind and also heat up the pod contact points. It helps to enable the easy pod piercing and also regulates the coffee amount that flows out. It means a smoother pout with more coffee in the cup.


  • Program the Machine

When you use the special coffee in the machine, you may experience that the machine is not extracting the proper coffee amount from the pod. It is due to the fact the specialty coffee is finer than normal one and it made for the longer extraction (to get most delicious flavors out).

Here is a thing you need to do.

Pop a pod in your machine and hold down the (big one) Lungo button until you are satisfied with the coffee amount in the cup.
Do you know an interesting thing when you do this? Your Nespresso machine will remember the setting when you using it for the next time. It means you don’t need to maintain reprogramming.

  • Use Your Eyes

This is the main step that distinguishes between the averages from the serious pod users.
All you need is to use your eyes to be more expert in making a perfect espresso. Here are the steps for expertise.
While pouring the coffee in your cup, carefully look at the coffee if it change the colors or not, because the espresso goes from three different color shades as water pours through. The three espresso colors are:

  • Red/brown
  • Caramel
  • Blonde (the final one)

Carefully observe the brown/red shade (this shade is ristretto which delivers the coffee sweetness and body)
Changing into Caramel (this shade gives the balance to the coffee and is the prime “espresso” aspect of the pouring)
Kill the water as soon as possible when the espresso turns blonde (as the light yellow color coming out is the only extracted bitter water)
If you follow these steps carefully and wisely, you will surely enjoy the premium taste of coffee from the Nespresso machine.

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